The Sorta Official Standings

"Sorta Official" because I'm not completely sure what time each group got to South Park.

Place Team Name Notes
1st Place Rutvik's Team i
1st Place The Pink Flambongos i
3rd Place Imma Let You Finish ii
4th Place Mighty Matlocks
5th Place The DaVinci Decoders iii
6th Place East Coast Spanking iv
7th Place 4 Guys and a Girl we convinced to play with us last night at the bar because our male to female ratio was infinity

i) Rutvik says his team arrived at South Park but milled around for five minutes before calling me. I received their call at the same time as The Pink Flambongos, which is why they are sharing 1st place in the chart above. However, if Rutvik's team had placed their call on arrival, they would have come in 1st place and the Pink Flambongos would have come in second.

ii) Imma Let You Finish was actually the first team to arrive at South Park, but they took a 10 minute hint penalty for the On the Surface Clue, which caused them to officially come in behind Rutvik's Team and The Pink Flambongos

iii) The DaVinci Decoders were neck and neck with Rutvik's Team for quite a while, until the Tia Dalma clue. They asked whether they would be credited for the time they spent waiting for Game Control to drop the clue off at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. The answer is no, because all teams were adversely affected by the same amount of time as Game Control attempted to deal with the missing clue issue.

iv) East Coast Spanking was the only team playing the game without a car. At Yerba Buena Gardens, I announced that I would give them a handicap for taking public transportation (my original thought was 90 minutes). If you take into account a 90 minute handicap, East Coast Spanking is the winner, and all other teams drop a place from what is indicated above.

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