I Got Your Number: solution

This is an audio clue, where the team has to listen carefully to the lyrics. The lyrics are reproduced below for your reference.

Willie, Willie who can I turn to
You give me something I can hold on to
I know you'll think I'm like the others before
Who saw your name and number on the wall
Willie I've got your number
I need to make you mine
Willie don't change your number
2 8 8-7 2 7 5 (2 8 8-7 2 7 5)
2 8 8-7 2 7 5 (2 8 8-7 2 7 5)

The phone number repeated at the end of the music clip is the core of this clue. Each number corresponds to a button on a phone keypad. Using their phone keypad (corresponding letters reproduced below), the team should try to figure out what the phone number can spell out. Eventually, they should see that the phone number can spell out ATT Park. The “Willie” part of the song refers to the statue of Willie Mays in front of the park.

2 = A, B, or C => A
8 = T, U, or V => T
8 = T, U, or V => T
7 = P, Q, R, or S => P
2 = A, B, or C => A
7 = P, Q, R, or S => R
5 = J, K, or L => K

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