Tia Dalma: solution

Players should fold the paper square into a fortune telling device in order to solve the clue. (Directions: fold each corner into the center of the square. Flip over, then fold each of the corners of the new smaller square into the center. Crease along the + and x, then place fingers into the flaps underneath)
When the fortune teller is opened one way, the inside will be red, and when opened the other way, it will be blue. The highlighted section of each diamond on the other piece of paper indicates the order in which each flap should be opened and used/solved.

top clue the math bottom clue resulting letter
Square root 9 = 3 IV+I V
+1 3+1 = 4 Alanine A
x2 4x2 = 8 Another way to write 50 L
-1 8-1 = 7 = mc^2 E
x15 7x15 = 105 Element 7, periodic weight 14.0067 N
-2 105-2 = 103 Another way to write 100 C
x8 103x8 = 824 Square root of (-1) I
+2 824+2 = 826 For 95% confidence, .05 =? A

Once you do all the math and solve the mini-clues, you get 826 Valencia, a non-profit fronting as a Pirate Supply Store in the Mission.

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