Go Marching In: solution

There is no trick to the sentences at the top of the clue; the next destination is a place of worship. The rest of the clue hints at its name.

The logo in the center, for the New Orleans Saints, stands for the first part of the place’s name: Saints. The eight clues can be split into two groups:

Pan, Piper, Rabbit, Griffin
Each of the words can be prefaced with the name “Peter” to create the names of four fictional characters: Peter Pan, Peter Piper, Peter Rabbit, Peter Griffin

Oakenfold, Shaffer, Beatles, Bono
Each of these musical artists/groups share the name Paul: Paul Oakenfold, Paul Shaffer, Paul McCartney, and Paul David Hewson (aka Bono)

Put them all together and you get Saints Peter and Paul, or Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in North Beach.

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