General Play

So how does this work?

The Game is a race. I will hand out the rules at the beginning of the game. Once you arrive at the starting point, game play will go something like this:

  • Teams will receive the first clue at 11:30am and will commence in trying to solve the clue.
  • The answer to the clue will be your next destination. Call Game Control to confirm the destination (very important) before you start heading in that direction.
  • Team travels to next destination and finds the next clue. Game goes on until the team reaches the final destination and receives their finish time.
  • If you are stuck, you can call Game Control for a Hint. Hints will incur a penalty (between 10 to 20 minutes added to finish time).
  • Along the way, you can perform bonus tasks for bonus points (each point = one minute subtracted for finish time). Receipts are required for bonus points to count.
  • The team with the lowest final time (finish time - hint penalties + bonus points) WINS.

Travel logistics

All clues will be located in San Francisco, thus there are many ways to travel from location to location. Mode of travel is completely up to the team. There will be times when it is faster to walk or take public transportation, and other times when it is most efficient to take a cab. One suggestion is for each player to contribute $10-$15 toward a team budget to be used for travel and bonus tasks.

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