THE GAME: Mish and Mel's Yummy Treasure Hunt (MMYTH)

Thank you to everyone who played The Game: MMYTH v1.0

Get excited for The Game: MMYTH v2.0 coming to you in Spring 2010!!!

I've posted the clues and solutions online for your viewing pleasure. Also, feel free to send the link to any of your friends who may ask "What did you do this weekend?" Also, please send me any pictures you took during the course of play, so that I can share them with the group.

Big shout out to Winnie Kao and Mike Dansbury for helping me hold down Game Control while rushing around in my car— you guys are awesome! Thanks also to Judy Chang, who made herself available to help out in any way we needed her.

What's The Game?
Check out this wikipedia article for a more detailed explanation of The Game. Basically, The Game is a series of puzzle challenges (clues). Check out some of the practice clues here. Each challenge solved leads to the location where the next challenge can be found. During the course of this version of The Game, a team will travel all around San Francisco. The final clue will lead teams to the finish line at an undisclosed location.

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